Teachers Have 9 Lives

An Underground to Surface Exposure

by Hannah Hope


Book Details

“Oh my dear, dear child.

You must quickly acquire the necessary skill of behind-kissing.

Don’t you realize you’ve been born into a behind-kissing world?


Now-now-now, unprobe your probing probity.

This District Drug will help you achieve assimilation through analization.

Say what?

Are you kid-kidding?

We don’t give a BUCK about America’s Children.

And the only good teacher is a butt-kissing teacher.”


About the Author

Hannah Hope

Hannah Hope is a classroom teacher who has taught in inner-city public schools for 20-plus years.

In 1990, Hannah was compelled to begin documenting her teaching experiences in a daily journal for an outlet and record of ongoing reality checks.

Teachers Have 9 Lives is the culmination of over twenty years of journal-keeping. It’s an open book on the pressing realities about America’s Teachers and their far-reaching impact on American society.

9 Lives is an underground-to-surface exposure, disclosing many within-the-teaching-field secrets and adversarial school district management retaliatory tactics.

Ms. Hope paints a captivating 9 Lives picture that moves beyond teaching to explore everyday life, demystify the world of education, challenge stereotypes, and question the status quo.

With honesty, humor, compelling style, and fluid creativity, 9 Lives thrives in the dark setting of America’s underfunded and often ignored public schools.

This visionary work introduces a new voice and takes the reader on a thought-provoking & entertaining journey.



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