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How to stay safe, but if necessary, how to kick ass!!

See Sally Kick Ass: A Woman's Guide to Personal Safety is the girl's answer on how to be safe in today's world. This book provides over 650 helpful safety suggestions to incorporate into your everyday life. While the book focuses primarily on prevention, it acknowledges things happen and therefore teaches self-defense techniques that are direct and highly effective. There are over 130 pictures illustrating how to defend yourself and how to stop an attacker in his tracks. Women of all ages will find useful tips in this comprehensive book, but it should be required reading for every teenage girl.

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Book Excerpt

See Sally Kick Ass: A Woman's Guide to Personal Safety provides over 650 helpful suggestions for living safely to easily incorporate into your everyday life. The topics include safety tips for:

- at home
- walking, taking public transportation or in your car
- while shopping or at the office
- keeping children safe
- preventing sexual assault
- dealing with domestic violence
- dealing with a stalker
- preventing identity theft
- traveling safely, both domestic and foreign
- the elderly

This book focuses primarily on doing all the things so that you never have to demonstrate your self-defense skills, but it does teach you how to handle an assailant if necessary.

- Learn how to project a strong image
- Gain confidence in your ability to handle confrontations.
- Learn how to escape grasps
- Learn how to quickly defeat an attacker.


About the Author

Fred Vogt

Fred Vogt, a husband and the father of three daughters, has a passion about women remaining safe while going about their daily lives. Although he studied martial arts for years in aikido and tae kwon do, achieving four black belts, it was not until after he left the corporate world that he was able to devote his energies to teaching women about their personal safety. He developed the 4 A's to Women's Personal Safety curriculum and has taught this class in local, college, and international settings. The book "See Sally Kick Ass: A Woman's Guide to Personal Safety" incorporates those concepts that he teaches in class.



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