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REID STORIES 1: Tossing Pooh Sticks

Virtually three books in one. Join two-year-old Reid and his Auntie Lou in Tossing Pooh Sticks, the first in a series of stories about their adventures. In this episode, the pair take a walk after a rainfall, play a game of pooh sticks at the bridge of the creek, and practice soccer at the park. Along the way, they lose and find a few things, and Reid learns where all that rainwater goes!


About the Author

Lynda Noel

Lynda Noel was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. In her mid-twenties, she struck out for the Yukon and that was the beginning of travels which led her to locations across North America. Primary caregiver became her vocation, which allowed her to fully enjoy the days raising her children in California, South Dakota, Montana and British Columbia. Lynda’s secondary pursuits and interests have included volunteering and serving on boards for preschool education, historic preservation, and the YMCA. Her passions have led her to years of horse adventures near Lead and Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota, to cattle drives from her friend’s ranch in the southern Hills, and to surfing the coastal U.S., Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia and the cooler waters of Tofino, B.C. Lynda likes heat and humidity, the sea, crossing the Hills on a horse … and she loves a good joke. Reid’s adventures are based on some of Lynda’s real life experiences with her children and her other little friends. Lynda is Auntie Lou! Tessie Bundick, Illustrator Tessie was born just a stone’s throw from the Alamo and grew up on a cattle ranch about three hours away from San Antonio, but she has lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota for many years. She loves wild places and worked for several summers in Glacier National Park in Montana, at Many Glacier Hotel. Her experiences in Montana led to her contribution as historian for the book, A History of Many Glacier Hotel, and to her service on the board of the Glacier Park Foundation. Tessie feels very fortunate to have had a career, for many years, which involves styling makeup, hair and costumes for the theatre, for film and for photo shoots while also teaching makeup in the Theatre Department at the University of Minnesota. From a very early age, Tessie has taken great delight in creating art. She has maintained this intense interest throughout her life and has illustrated several children’s books and shown in a number of galleries. In 2013, Tessie was honored to have the Hennepin History Museum mount a retrospective of her career.



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