Ready, Set, Win!

99 Be-A-Championtudes to Develop the Champion Within You - Enhancing Your Business and Life

by Earl Davis, Jr.

Ready, Set, Win!

Ready, Set, Win!

99 Be-A-Championtudes to Develop the Champion Within You - Enhancing Your Business and Life

by Earl Davis, Jr.

Published May 27, 2008
144 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational


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You Can Attain a Winner's Quality of Life

"So many in our country are feeling like they're facing the bottom of the ninth. Earl's book is a blueprint for how you can step back into the batter's box and conquer life's curves."
Ed Hearns, C.S.P., author, speaker and former New York Met

For centuries, the Beatitudes of the Book of Matthew have served as a road map to successful living, a series of virtues helping people on a journey to be with God. Now, nationally recognized author and speaker Earl Davis, Jr. shares the Be-A-Championtudes-99 qualities integral to achieving a champion's lifestyle. In an entertaining style packed with anecdotes and case studies, Davis reveals how you can overcome any prior personal or professional difficulties to feel happier, earn a better living and improve all areas of your life. You'll learn:

What a champion is and how you can develop their winning qualities

The choices all winners make-and how to emulate them

Successful attitudes that build winners

How to tune-up your thinking to attain a razor-sharp state of mind

Ultimately, Davis puts the power of personal and financial success in your hands with a clearly defined and customizable Action Plan to help turbo charge your way to triumph.


Book Excerpt

One night, I was in the backroom with my manager, taking inventory, when I heard a voice that scared me half to death. The voice cried out, “CALL 911!” You can only imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw a Glock .9mm aimed at my head. My whole body went numb. My heart sank, hit the floor, and found a resting place in my throat. My breath shortened. My stomach felt as if I were on a roller coaster’s continuous free fall.

I have heard people say that in a life and death situation, your life flashes before you in an instant. Honestly, I don’t remember any of that, but I’ll tell you what I do remember. I remembered all the promises that I had made, but hadn’t kept. I remembered all the people that I had hurt. I remembered all the dreams, goals and plans that I still had yet to accomplish, and worse still, possibly die with me. It was then that the cool sweat on my forehead alerted me to the fact that I was reluctantly slipping back into consciousness. It was at that moment, standing there paralyzed, I knew I was a hostage.

Many people, and many of you reading this book right now, are being held captive, as a hostage. Not by guns or by knives, but many people are being held captive and are prisoners of their own negative thoughts.


About the Author

Earl Davis, Jr.

Earl Davis, Jr. is one of America’s most respected voices on human potential and the psychology of winning. The creator and host of the television/radio program The Winner’s Circle, his clients have included Hilton Hotels, IBM, the U.S. Army, statesmen, professional athletes and entertainers. His company, Create Winners, Inc., works with corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and more to bring out the best in themselves and others.



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