Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains

by Dawn Menge

Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains

Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains

by Dawn Menge

Published May 29, 2009
32 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Nature & the Natural World / General (see also headings under Animals)


Book Details

Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains

Queen Vernita continues her monthly visits with her friends at the Blue Ice Mountains. While visiting the mountains she learns about the local flora and fauna.


Book Excerpt

In August Marcella came to visit Queen Vernita. Marcella loved to ride horses. So, they rode through the temperate rainforests of the Blue Ice Mountains.

In the rain forest they met the park ranger Mr. Jeremy

On Monday, Ranger Jeremy taught them that it rained 50-60 inches each year.

On Tuesday, Ranger Jeremy showed them that the rings inside a tree tell how much growth there was that year.

On Wednesday, Ranger Jeremy taught them about the Sitka Spruce.

On Thursday, Ranger Jeremy showed them the many different animals that live in the forest.

On Friday, Marcella learned that her favorite animal of the rainforest was the Olympic Marmat.

On Saturday, Queen vernita learned her favorite animal was the River Otter.

On Sunday, Ranger Jeremy told them that his favorite animal was the Dark-eyed Jinco.


About the Author

Dawn Menge

Dawn Menge has a Masters Degree and Clear Credential in Special Education. She has worked with the severely handicapped population for twelve years. She is currently working towards her PH.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She combines her experiences within her life to create Queen Vernita's characters and her kingdom. Queen Vernita's Visitors continues to be woven around her friends and family.

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