A Simple Path to a Better Life

by Brent Gallagher


Book Details

After spending thousands of hours, year after year, elevating individuals to become better versions of themselves I have discovered a pattern in my most successful clients. In this book I will share with you the 7 simple steps that have helped countless individuals live out a healthy and *PURPOSE-*filled life. The journey begins by asking two simple questions: What is the legacy you want to leave behind? How can being fit and healthy help you achieve this legacy? When you understand *PURPOSE*, you realize that there is no single step, big or small, that can instantly change you overnight.* PURPOSE* challenges you to embrace a simple path to a better life. You will undoubtedly be changed by journeying through the 7 steps of *PURPOSE* found in the pages of this book. Most health and wellness books focus on achieving immediate goals. However these fads fail to address the long-term problems of sustaining a healthy life. In order to live a life of *PURPOSE *you need more than a short-term fix. *PURPOSE* focuses on simple steps you can take and confronts the heart of your personal health and fitness issues. As you journey inward, you will discover a sense of *PURPOSE* for your life that will leave a lasting legacy. It is through discovering your *PURPOSE* that you begin to understand the small steps you need to take every day to live a fit and healthy life. Which path will you choose?


About the Author

Brent Gallagher

I formed West U Fitness in 2006 to fulfill my purpose in life: To build a community of individuals becoming better versions of themselves. I spent 2001 to late 2005 chasing society’s definition of ‘fit’ by jumping from fitness fad to crazy diets and back. I never truly enjoyed what I was doing and my workouts became drudgery. I lost joy in staying fit and secretly battled depression from never achieving the perfect body. After 8 marathons and a triathlon, I develop chronic ankle and hip pain that sideline me for months. It was during this time that I asked himself: “Why the heck am I doing this?” I had fallen into the more, more, more mentality only to be left overworked, stressed and underperforming. As I recovered from my pain, I kept my training short and intense. I began listening to my body and rediscovered a sense of play within my workouts. Over the next 6 months, I realized that the key to stay fit was actually training less, playing more, recharging properly and living a life of purpose. This philosophy recently became the underlying concept to my book, PURPOSE.