Making Sense of It All

by Nathan Shasho


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Drawing on his numerous degrees in the sciences, Perspective author Nathan Shasho offers a new perspective on the nature and history of humans. Through lenses as diverse as anthropology and chemistry, neuropsychology and astronomy, geology and physics, readers delve into the evolution of the universe, earth, and humans. This includes humanity's "dark side" of conflict, war, genocide, massacres, slavery, and human trafficking. Rather than leaving readers grasping at the pieces, Shasho then puts all this history into perspective and formulates a way of making sense of it all. He offers a light along the path to critical thinking. Appropriate for readers as young as seniors in high school, Perspective makes a useful complement to high school and college curricula as well as an interesting piece for adults seeking a way out of propaganda and indoctrination.\

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Nathan Shasho