Outlook for a Better Life

by Haile Gebre Egziabher


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Unlock the Keys for the Happier, Fuller Life God Wants You to Have

After tackling world peace and universal brotherhood, Haile Gebre Egziabher now turns his attention to the personal battle within with Outlook for a Better Life. This important and affirming book explores the teachings of Jesus and how to apply them to our daily lives. Perfect for those new to the Bible, Outlook for a Better Life is a solid introduction to Christian basics-so that you can start living life more fully, with gratitude and peace in your heart.

You'll discover:

* The meaning behind important Christian teachings such as the Sermon on the Mount, and how they could change your life.

* The powerful secret to focusing on what really matters in life and forgetting what doesn't.

* What "surrendering to God" really means-and why it is necessary for fully living God's spirit.

* The truth about happiness: What it is, how to get it, and why it's impossible without Jesus.

Easy to understand yet lacking none of the important details, Outlook for a Better Life is a must read for anyone searching for meaning in our challenging world and turbulent times. Whether you're new to Christ or someone who grew up in the church, this breakthrough book will help you reach an entirely new relationship with God.


About the Author

Haile Gebre Egziabher

Haile Gebre Egziabher has worked for the World Health Organization’s regional office in Africa and headquarters in Geneva. He holds a degree in business administration as well as a master’s in public administration from universities in Switzerland, Canada and the United States. He is the author of Witnessing and Dream for World Unity, both from Outskirts Press. He lives in Asmara, Eritrea.

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