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No more room.

It began with a power outage. A power outage that went beyond lights and televisions. Clocks stopped telling time. Cell phones no longer received signals. Cars became dead relics that wouldn't start.

As the world around them becomes darker, so do the inhabitants of the small town of Westmont, Illinois. A mysterious and evil presence has taken a hold over the village, making the once peaceful town a place of violence and despair.

A small group of individuals, untouched by this presence, must uncover the mystery of why they remain normal and discover what - or who - is taking control of their town, one soul at a time.

Because the Man in the Dark Coat is out there. Hunting them.

And not everyone can remain untouched forever.


Book Excerpt

Her husband stared down at her silently. His clothes were ragged and torn. Messy. No, it was more than that. It looked to Jennifer like his clothes had been burnt. As was his face, which now that she was closer, resembled more of an overcooked mask of Stephen Adams than anything else. Black and red, his eyes stared into hers. As he smiled, the skin around his lips cracked and fresh blood ran down his chin.
“Hi, honey,” he said. “So good to see you.”


About the Author

Keith Knapp

In the tradition of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Clive Barker, Keith Knapp tells a horrifying tale of innocence and sin, and what people will overcome to defeat their own innermost demons in the search for hope. This is his first novel.