Meet Me for Christmas Tea

by Sharyn McIntyre


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A Delightfully Captivating and Romantic Christmas Holiday Story!

A Delightfully Captivating and Romantic Christmas Holiday Story!

Patrick Calahan seemed quite happy and content being a bachelor until the day he found himself in the midst of a fated meeting in an airport cafe on his way home from a hectic business trip. Kandi Kayne, with her beauty, wit, and charm held him completely and hopelessly captive until she quickly and mysteriously vanished-leaving Patrick stunned with the haunting memories she left behind and the compelling and urgent desire to find her.

Kandi Kayne was a successful young woman who had found great happiness, satisfaction and joy in helping others in her career as a Life Coach. Her social life was like a mystical garden in full bloom, overflowing with vibrant color and life. She was in no big hurry to settle down until a surprising and fateful encounter with Patrick Calahan redecorated her emotional landscape with wonder and excitement. After being mesmerized all afternoon by his charismatic personality and magnetic appeal, she suddenly realizes she is about to miss her flight and frantically dashes off in a hurried frenzy leaving him behind to anxiously wonder what it all meant.

The events that follow are filled with hope, faith, desire, and a great big dose of the spectacularly miraculous all wrapped up in a lively and colorful Christmas holiday package.


Book Excerpt

As her eyes wandered enthusiastically all over the menu she heard an unfamiliar voice surprisingly addressing her. “Excuse me, Miss, may I sit? There seems to be no available seats left in this place and I have quite a wait for my connecting flight. Would you mind terribly if I joined you?” She quickly dropped the menu and took in the sight of a most handsome man as he reached out his hand to her. “Mr. Calahan here, but if you allow me to sit for a bit and rest my weary bones you may certainly call me Patrick,” he said with a laugh.

“Please sit down Mr. Calahan; I surely wouldn’t want your weary bones wearing out all over the airport cafe, now would I, Sir? What a mess that might turn out to be,” she responded with a smile. “My name is Miss Kayne, but you, Sir may call me Kandi since it’s Christmas and I’m feeling most particularly in a state of holiday cheer.”

As she observed the clear signs of humorously displayed skepticism all over his face, she assured him, “No, I am perfectly serious Mr. Calahan; Kandi Kayne is my real name —it’s a long story—let’s don’t go there!” And they both chuckled as he made himself comfortable across from her in the café booth and was much better able to scrutinize the reality that she was quite attractive and beautiful despite the fact that her name sounded like something out of an animated Christmas movie.

“Well, actually, it seems I do have time for a long story this afternoon Miss Kayne, with an unfortunate layover to catch my connecting flight back to New Mexico. I would imagine it has been an interesting life with a name like Kandi Kayne. I suspect that you are constantly assuring people that you are not kidding.” He said with a chuckle. “Oh, I am always kidding Mr. Calahan, I find it particularly amusing, but not about my name.”

“You may call me Patrick, Miss Kayne,” he repeated. “And you, Sir may call me Kandi, Mr. Calahan,” she quickly responded as they both laughed out loud, perfectly aware that neither of them had any intentions of giving in first.


About the Author

Sharyn McIntyre

Sharyn McIntyre positively delights in the magical wonder of Christmas, and finds the greatest joys in colorfully presenting the miraculous, wrapped beautifully in nostalgic holiday traditions-served up with wonderful surprises and a heaping helping of inspiration. Meet Me for Christmas Tea is the third in a series of heartwarming, captivating, and touching stories to delightfully entertain and inspire the reader with a renewed feeling of hope, faith, and belief in the endless possibilities of life.

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