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Matthew Patterson—still stinging after his yearlong dream to make the school football team is crushed—unintentionally gets revenge by snatching three coins from an enchanted wishing fountain, altering his and others’ lives forever…

The mischievous thirteen-year-old has removed coins that represent three people’s fulfilled wishes, and his act unleashes a catastrophic chain reaction. A young star athlete, about to play in her WNBA championship game, loses the amazing basketball skills she’d wished for. An elderly woman whose husband wished for her recovery from a life-threatening condition falls ill again. And in a cruel, ironic twist, Matthew’s mortality slaps him square across the face—the third coin is the coin his parents tossed into the fountain when they wished for a child. If the coins are not returned to the fountain within 24 hours, the wishes—including Matthew himself!—will vanish forever. With his best friend, Johnny, Matthew sets out on a life-changing journey, battling demonic forces led by Bolterkein, leader of the mystical creatures known as the Wish Stealers, whose only desire is to stop Matthew and gain power from the lost wishes. Unfortunately, the boy’s only allies are the hapless Wish Defenders, who also stand to lose everything if Matthew fails to return the coins in time. A group of 5th to 7th grade students from Los Angeles, California read Matthew Patterson and the Wish Defenders and this is what they had to say: “It had all the factors of other great books like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Hunger Games…” “I liked how original it was. There have been so many books that I’ve read where it’s like they’re copying each other…” “It had all the factors that I like about books, but put into one book…” “I liked the Percy Jackson series, but once I finished it I couldn’t find another book that I liked. Then I read Matthew Patterson and the Wish Defenders and I couldn’t put it down.” “I like that it was like a new kind of story.” “This book had the mystery, it had the action, the adventure…”


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Michael R. Holm and Rick Foster