Light Up The Valleys

by Clem Masloff


Book Details

On planet Tegumen the Red Hat elite on the mountain tops monopolizes light and iotic power and dominates and exploits those in the dark valleys.

The young orphan Yie leaves his valley to study energy dynamics at a summit clausum. He finds ancient documents with the ruler’s daughter. The two are discovered and forced to flee, chased and hunted by Red Hats. They join a theater group and present a drama about Red Hat oppression. Yie adopts the plasmoids of stagecraft to solve the light and power needs of the valleys, liberating the belowers.


About the Author

Clem Masloff

The author has been involved with speculative science fiction since teaching himself to read in 1941-42. He served in the Army as a translator in four Balkan Slavic languages. For several decades he taught sociology in Ohio after graduate work in Russian social history. In years after retirement, he has returned to his dreams of the early 1940s of writing Science Fiction.

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