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The Legend of Tierra del Puma

Jake Cahill is a pilot for the Los Angeles Police Department who has become restless and bored with flying over the City. He’s torn between duty with LAPD and a responsibility to run his late parent’s ranch, Tierra Del Puma. That changes when Jake uncovers a scheme to take his family’s property, by any means necessary. Powerful people want Tierra Del Puma for its water and to build a mountain resort. But one man believes there is something more on the land. He holds an ancient clue that speaks of a natural treasure buried somewhere on the ranch. And it sparkles far brighter than gold. Valerie Paige leads an independent and busy life in Los Angeles; juggling her job as a project analyst for a large property development firm and as a part-time actress. After losing her grandparents, the only parents she ever knew Valerie senses a vague recollection of a task yet to be finished. It is a distant memory shrouded in fog, unclear and unexplainable. By an odd coincidence, Jake and Valerie meet at a small airport in New Mexico and share an adventurous helicopter ride across the Southwest. Once back in Los Angeles they part ways. Their paths cross again when she learns of Jake’s involvement in a harrowing helicopter rescue. Valerie’s personal and professional lives collide when things go awry at the development company. Past bad decisions and strange dealings intersect with her questions about Jake Cahill’s true identity. Struggling to find the answers she stumbles upon murkier secrets that may prove lethal for her and Jake. They both become ensnared in a deadly confrontation that will test their bravery and will to survive. Events unfold as Valerie discovers a 175-year-old promise, and the obligation that comes with it.


About the Author

Rick Lawin

Rick Lawin spent over twenty-five years on the Los Angeles Police Department. He served as a pilot and instructor at LAPD’s Air Support Division. Rick received the LAPD’s highest award, the Medal of Valor. He is rated in multi-engine airplanes, helicopters, seaplanes and gliders. Rick was also a charter and news pilot. He holds a Masters degree in Aeronautical Science and has spent nearly twenty years teaching aviation safety at a major university. Rick resides in Northern California, close to the High Sierra.