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The cosmos is no mere concept; it is an experienced reality.

The further I go into the wild, the further away from the chaos of the human-contrived world, the better off I am. True healing demands wide open spaces, expansive views, moving air and water, the sounds of birds, the natural light of celestial bodies. Exactly where my true soul fitness lies is entirely obvious. The momentary threshold is the peak experience of joyous time spent in the wild, in direct contact with the life force. This book is an effort to boast about a few special places and send a wakeup call to my neighbors, and anyone else willing to take a look, to get out there. As John Muir once penned, “I can write only hints to incite good wanderers to come to the feast.” I’m hopeful there are enough hints contained here to convince a wanderer or two to get out there and partake in the feast for the soul.


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Kyle Gardner

Kyle Gardner lives in Colorado with his daughter Zoë. He is the author of Medicine Rock Reflections.

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