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Karl's daughter is jealous--and so is Josie's boyfriend

Will the jealous suitor turned stalker catch our vulnerable heroine off-guard? Can Karl and Josie’s romance blossom without his college-age daughter’s blessing? Does a bear sleep in the woods? Get your copy and find out now so Julie can repay me the loan she took out to get this book published! Julie St. James’ sister Jill Follow St. James’ dashing hero’s courtship of his daughter’s nemesis from the Big Apple to Tidewater Virginia, with a vicarious view of Barcelona to boot—one plate at a time! As he tempts her with delicacies from Liverwurst au Chocolat to Sautéed Escargot à l’Orange, you’ll be tempted to run off with him yourself! Chef Simian Simone of “Simone Shows You How” You are there—when Josie trembles with delight at Karl’s deep kisses, when she fears for her lover’s life, and when she’s so mad at his daughter that she could wring her neck! Julie St. James has come a long way since I had her in my first period English class at Belton High. Hortense Pedant, St. James’ former teacher


About the Author

Julie St. James

St. James is trying her hand at fiction after a career of preparing government publications and newsletters, B&B directories, and briefing materials. She has also taught Spanish, French, and ESL. A voracious reader, she has recently discovered romances and is enthralled. She lives in Virginia with her husband and two dogs, Zoe and Rebus.