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A Journey to God: A Story of Ultimate Triumph by Faith

When a middle-aged two-star Navy admiral retires after 30 years of service, what in the world is she supposed to do now? That’s the question Navy Admiral Amy Wilson asked herself on the day of her retirement. Feeling lonely and adrift, she stumbled upon a group of women who recognized her sadness, and with a simple invitation, Amy found a new life as a member of the Hawaiian outrigger canoe community. She also found faith, the love of a wonderful Hawaiian waterman, and the love of family the likes of which she had never known. Come, accompany her through the highs and lows of her journey. Experience the love and loss, and the awesome love of God as Amy prepares to meet her Savior face-to-face. Going Ashore is a triumphant novel that will leave you forever changed as you fall in love with this remarkable woman and the island waters she called her home.


About the Author

Ann M. Longboy

LCDR Ann Longboy, USN, Ret., spent over half her adult life in the U.S. Navy. Having met and married the love of her life, a Hawaiian-born “local boy,” early in her career, it seemed a natural choice to settle in Hawaii when retiring from military service in 2008. Shortly before her retirement, she became an outrigger canoe paddler on the island of Oahu, and her love affair with the sport began. Soon her husband and four sons were following her to races, her husband and one son becoming paddlers themselves. It seemed natural to share her faith in Jesus Christ through a story about paddling. Her hope is that readers will share her love and respect for the ancient art of outrigger canoe paddling and perhaps find a new or deeper relationship with the Lord, who loves all of us so deeply and so completely.