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“These are all star forts. We know the star was important as a symbol to the Masons... each one of these places had some significance to them” Jim said, “What do you mean?” “Clearly someone- either a Mason or a person who sympathized with their beliefs- was at each of those forts. It’s got to be pointing us to...” Intrigued by something missing from a patriotic display at the Smithsonian, Jim and Natalie set off to find clues to a mystery experts haven’t been able to resolve regarding one of our nation’s most revered symbols. Their journey takes them through three historic forts on the East Coast, along the back streets of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. and into a long forgotten subterranean vault which yields a discovery of immense significance.


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Gene Pisasale

Gene Pisasale is an author who focuses his novels on historical mysteries. His books cover the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the immense sweep of United States history. Gene can be reached at

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