Final Days and Other Stories

by Barbara Wyatt Olson


Book Details

Exuberant stories of quiet people caught up by catastrophic social change in far-flung places.

Here are nine stories of quiet people in uncertain times, caught in the midst of catastrophic change. “Final Days” describes the chaos of the Ethiopian revolution, and the heartfelt struggles of Tsega, a young Beta Israel man who dreams of finally reaching Israel, his people’s holy land. “Memory of Our People” tells of the Canadian Indian Residential School System and how, several years after its closing, a Cree leader fights for First Nation people’s right to exist: “I do not seek peace or reconciliation. The schools may be shut, but loud voices still deny the genocide of our children, of our people. They would demand assimilation, challenging our people’s right to exist, and wipe out memory of our people.” “Spring Chicken” is the all-too-common plight today of a homeless woman, Bobbi Jo, and her struggles to protect her husband and survive on the streets of a Midwestern city. Finally, mired in Facebook scams, money laundering lies, and opioids, she finds only lonely death.


About the Author

Barbara Wyatt Olson

Once again, Barbara Wyatt Olson’s energetic storytelling brings us nine compelling tales, all inspired by her experiences in Africa, Ecuador, and with the Canadian Cree, as well as closer to home. Two stories have appeared in Wolfian and Kalahari Review. Her other books include the memoir Gondar: Guests in the Ethiopian Highlands and Children of Zemecha, and the children’s book Christmas in Gondar, as well as a collection of short stories, On the Rez and Other Stories.