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Discover How the Bystanders Replaced Fear with Power and Ended Bullying.

“Rooney’s tender book on bullying explores the meaning of friendship while empowering the reader to stand up for what they believe. The message is powerful. My hope is that parents will read the book as well, because the opportunity for discussion is laid out perfectly for them. We could all use a refresher course in understanding, second chances and forgiveness.”
—Karen Lawrence, Mother of actress Jennifer Lawrence and Founder of Camp Hi-Ho

“DANI is a well-written book that is fun, imaginative and insightful into the psychological struggles that children and young adolescents have with bullies. Set in a bucolic farm environment, school age kids who read this book will gain an understanding into how to deal with bullying. Highly recommended!”
—Daniel Kelleher, M.D., Board Certified in Adolescent & Child Psychiatry, Asst. Prof. Clinical Psychiatry, Rutgers University

Discover How the Bystanders Replaced Fear with Power and Ended Bullying. When Dani witnesses a brutal bullying of a popular boy on the school playground, her world is knocked upside down. Through a dream, Dani’s beloved farm animals are presented with a similar problem where they find themselves bystanders to a vicious attack. They wrestle with how they can end the bullying and take back their farm, without becoming the next victim. There are many layers in this unpredictable story that recognize, teach and celebrate what makes each of us unique. The main characters and surprise ending will stay in the heart and mind of the reader long after the story is told.


About the Author

Donna DiMaio Rooney

Out of great concern for our youth and the bullying epidemic, Donna DiMaio Rooney wrote her first children’s book. If all children learn to celebrate their uniqueness, while being empathic toward others, imagine how the world could be transformed. Originally from New York, Donna lives in Connecticut with her husband and son.