Creative Musicking

With African, Indian, and Western Musics

by Elizabeth Oehrle


Book Details

Everyone can make music. Some just work harder than others, say the Venda people living in South Africa, according to John Blacking. Material in this text makes it possible for anyone to begin to create music and to learn about different musics. Ideas are presented in detail, and move in graded steps enabling readers to make use of their own music making potential. The starting point for each series of lessons is the musical experience based on the musics of Africa, India and the West, and sound is the medium of instruction. Each lesson is devised so that readers are active in discovering their own creative potential along with characteristics of the different musics. By experiencing different musics (African, Indian and Western) and understanding a little about their construction readers will begin to appreciate musics about which they may know very little. Understanding, appreciating, and enjoying differences in musics is one way of opening doors between peoples. It is one way of realizing that cultural diversity is a cause for celebration. Readers who want to use creative musicking (creative music-making) to utilize their own creative potential and to broaden their own concept of music, will find this book extremely helpful and of great interest.


About the Author

Elizabeth Oehrle

Elizabeth Oehrle, Hon. Prof. of Music at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban South Africa, travelled from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester NY to South Africa where she taught music at all levels. She inaugurated and ran Creative Music Classes for Children; she founded UKUSA, the country’s longest running and most successful music outreach bridging programme; she started SAMES, the first South African tertiary music education organization open to all tertiary educators, black and white; and she launched and edited The Talking Drum, a regular publication admired internationally for the assistance it provides to educators who teach intercultural music.