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WARNING: Side Effects Could Include Worldwide Upheaval

In a world where medical and technological advances are proceeding at a breakneck speed, Monroe Diversified Corporation (MDC) is poised to unleash the biggest blockbuster drug of all time—one that would virtually eliminate most diseases with a single pill. And it has grand plans for plowing the expected windfall profits into a slew of worldwide initiatives to wipe out poverty and hunger. But the megacorporation isn’t content to just push pills and do good. Flush with more cash than any company in history, MDC and its enigmatic CEO, Jim Monroe, have plans to radically redraw the international framework. But why? And for what purpose?

Now, MDC exec Bert Hansen finds himself in the middle of this rising juggernaut even as he’s unsure where it will eventually end. Then, deep inside top-secret laboratories, Hansen learns company scientists have done the unthinkable: successfully cloning a human being. It’s just the beginning of a wild tech thrill-ride through bleeding-edge genetics, medicine, engineering and computer programming that’s leading somewhere big—and possibly quite dangerous.


Book Excerpt

The doctor cleared his throat and then declared, “A new age in the discovery of human development has begun, it is of utmost importance that nothing leave this room until we have determined how to tell the world about this in a dignified manner. As my partner said before, this changes everything. We are looking at a human child and a
perfect replication of that child. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a CLONE.”


About the Author

Bert Hunnersen

Bert Hunnersen is a former instructor and supervisor for major electronics companies. A European immigrant living in Toronto, Canada, he is also a volunteer at an inner-city hospital and local community centers, where he has taught technology to underprivileged residents.

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