Christmas Tea with the Angels

by Sharyn McIntyre


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Noel O'Malley is a sixteen-year-old girl struggling with peer pressure, growing pains, and social anxiety. She longs for the days when life was simple and the cares of the day were not quite so overwhelming. When she falls asleep in her bed one night following a prayerful plea for help, she meets three HEAVENLY HELPERS who give her a whole new perspective on life, a heaping helping of courage, and a fresh new look at herself.


Book Excerpt

"Noel, your thoughts hold great power. Guard your thoughts as you would a rich treasure house. When you find you are in need of a change of circumstance, you must first change your thoughts. Prayer, faith, and positive thinking are your mighty tools to create your world and bring your imagination to life. Pray with expectation. Expectation is a powerfully attractive force and will draw back to you those things which you desire and expect. Visualize your prayers answered. Walk your heart’s desires through to the end in your mind’s eye. Picture your life turning out just as you desire, and as you operate in love, and walk in faith, believing, the windows of Heaven will open wide for you."


About the Author

Sharyn McIntyre

Sharyn McIntyre never wavers in her determined pursuit to inspire, uplift and encourage her readers to believe in the magical wonder of Christmas.

Christmas Tea with the Angels is the second in a series of heartwarming, stirring, and touching holiday stories filled with wonderful surprises that are guaranteed to entertain, and lift the spirit of the reader to new levels of inspiration.

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