The Christmas Quilt and Other Stories

by Marian Ely


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Read about how the Christmas season can be a healing time for you.

If Christmas is a struggle for you, read these stories of healing and love. Know that God loves you whether or not you feel joyful about this Holy Season.


Book Excerpt

She gently unfolded the quilt and spread it out on the living room carpet and stepped back to enjoy its beauty. It had been exquisitely done with little handmade stitches. The Christmas quilt had special meaning to her mother. Unfortunately Hazel had passed away before Marge could learn the whole story about this cherished quilt.


About the Author

Marian Ely

Marian Ely is a new author who hopes to inspire others with stories of healing and love in the light of God’s Holy Presence to all. Christmas is a holiday season full of expectations that might be unrealistic and unattainable for many people. The Christmas Quilt and Other Stories is a collection of healing stories about the realities of Christmas for many people - such as loneliness, divided families, depression, mental illness, death of a family member, and other realities that seem to be more pronounced during what is supposed to be a joyous season. These stories are written with gentleness and love and are intended to show that God is present no matter how a person feels during the special season of Christmas.

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