A New Message Begins
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Many people in the world today are lost, going through their lives with no direction, enduring terrible pain, and inflicting pain on others. Even those who have faith and belief are finding themselves increasingly hopeless. If you feel this way, do not despair. Christianity Karma and Reincarnation is what you have been waiting for. This astounding message from God to mankind reveals why confusion exists in so many lives today. It tells you how to find your path more clearly back to God, and explains why mankind needs to better understand his purpose here in this Garden that is Earth. This powerful book reveals not only what Michael Andrisano has personally seen, but also what has been told to him as a very special message to mankind. It is a message we need to hear before it is too late. Read the message, and share it—you now have the tool you need to change your life, and the lives of those you love.