What To Do When You Become The Boss

How new managers become successful managers

by Bob Selden


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Do you know all the "ins" and "outs" of managing?

Make a success of your career as a manager. This is your complete “How to” for managing your boss, your people, yourself. You will refer to this book again and again as you progress through your career.

You will discover how to:

- Become an effective leader, recognised throughout the organisation

- Distribute your time appropriately between the three essential managerial role elements of leading, managing and operating

- Manage your boss — one of the most important of your work relationships

- Select your new boss — if you happen to be changing roles or organisations

- Manage the performance of your team including setting and maintaining standards, coaching, motivating and appraising performance

- Select the best person for the job with a process that is 4 times more effective than traditional selection processes

- Delegate, make more effective decisions, run motivating team meetings — there are even chapters on “How to manage your emails” and “How to build your image”

“ Nothing is more practical than a good theory.” Kurt Lewin’s quote sums up this book and Bob’s ability to address the realities of managing people in changing environments. In each chapter he demonstrates a rare gift of being able to translate conceptual frameworks into practical processes and actions which managers can build into their daily work routines. The rich array of case studies, many drawn from Bob’s own experience as a line manager, add colour and weight to this comprehensive ‘must read’ user’s guide for new and not so new managers.

— Humphrey Armstrong, Organisational Psychologist, Lifelong Learning Systems, Sydney, Australia The messages in this best selling book have shown thousands of managers, particularly new managers, a better way of managing. Find out for yourself by clicking here.


About the Author

Bob Selden

Bob Selden survived his first new manager’s role to eventually develop into a senior manager responsible for the career development of hundreds of other managers. During this growing process, and later as an organisational development consultant, he learnt what works and what doesn’t work when managing others. What To Do When You Become The Boss is the result of his learning which he is determined to pass on to help other new managers during their growth spurt. Click here for more details on Bob

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What To Do When You Become The Boss