Blood Country

A Nashville Sideman Mystery

by Dan Jewell


Book Details

Blood Country: Music, Sex, Murder

"Blood Country" is the Readers Favorite Silver Award winner in the mystery sleuth category. You may purchase a paperback here at Outskirts or it's available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. In Nashville, it’s conventional wisdom that if you’re looking for work in the music business, you’d better have a steady day job. Guitarist Joe Rose has a day job--he's a private detective. Rose is hired by strung out country music superstar Vern Hamlin, owner of Great Axe Music, to look into his father’s two decades old murder. Hamlin has received an anonymous letter suggesting that the man convicted of the crime, who was killed in an escape attempt, was not the real murderer. Because of Hamlin’s drug and alcohol problems, his uncle Claude, CEO of Hamlin Enterprises, doesn’t approve of his nephew’s plan to reopen the old murder case; he thinks it will jeopardize Hamlin’s present sobriety and interfere with his work at Great Axe. But Hamlin’s personal assistant, Jessica Apple, thinks his father’s death is actually the cause of his substance abuse and that pursuing the investigation will help him get closure. After Rose interviews a Desert Storm Vet with PTSD, the man is found dead. Is it suicide or murder? Along the way, Rose encounters a rogue P.I., Hamlin’s sexy ex-wife (Country’s answer to Lady Gaga), a Professor who writes mystery novels, Hamlin’s promiscuous stepmother--now married to the pastor of a Nashville megachurch, and a songwriter with a big gun. Rose's investigation takes him deep into blood country, a place not found on Music City tour maps.


About the Author

Dan Jewell

Nashville native Dan Jewell knows only a few chords on his old Silvertone dreadnought, but he and his wife Joyce once cut a demo of songs in the famous Woodland Studio, where artists from Robert Plant to Roy Acuff have recorded. He grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry, and is also a fan of film noir and mystery novels. Before he began writing, Jewell enjoyed a successful career as a college professor and dean.