Black Vignettes:

Essays in African American History & Culture

by Rosalynn Shropshire-West


Book Details

There are books written solely for enlightenment, and there are books written solely for entertainment. The reader will find Black Vignettes: Essays of African American History and Culture to be a seamless blending of both. It is a delightfully eclectic mix of people, places, events, occurrences and culturally significant topics not found in ordinary United States history books. But all that is contained herein has a substantial importance to black history and culture. Few of the essays contained in Black Vignettes are very long. The brevity of the essays and variety of topics found within these pages will engross even the most severe cases of attention deficit disorder.

– P.O.W.E.R. Magazine International


About the Author

Rosalynn Shropshire-West

Rosalynn Shropshire West is a resident of Indianapolis and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in United States History from Indiana University. She is a writer for POWER Magazine International, Black History and Women’s History speaker. As a retired person, she dedicates her time to writing assignments and community service responsibilities for several organizations.