Being Abraham

Growing Old With God

by Jessie Coates


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Being Abraham - Growing Old With God

This book is written for grandparents and grand relatives. It reviews the lives of the three most famous grandparents of all: Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. Modern grandparents are encouraged to remember their own past, recognize its value and consider ways that will promote and prolong the value they are and have been.


Book Excerpt

I was shopping with my sixty-five year old grandma when she bought herself a new pair of shoes. Handing over the money she whispered to me, "This is the last pair of shoes I'll ever need. I won't live much longer." Over the next eighteen years my grandma repeated that phrase countless times ...Grandma lived to be eighty-three but it was a suprise to what do we older people do with life when it lasts longer than we planned?


About the Author

Jessie Coates

Jessie Coates was born in England, lived in Japan, and now lives in California. The three great joys in her life are marriage, motherhood and ministry. Sometimes she found herself wondering what she had done to deserve such a happy life, and then remembered that she had done nothing at all to deserve it. She was simply blessed. Now Jessie talks and writes about blessing, what it is, how it comes, how to pass it on.