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Behind The Columns. Power, passion and deception rule in Arlette Gaffrey's latest novel of two star crossed lovers.

The year is 1846. Désirée Bordeaux is a beautiful Créole belle living with her aging grandfather, a heavy drinker and gambler who has accrued huge debts. When he dies suddenly, Désirée learns that her beautiful New Orleans plantation, Chêne Vue, is to be put on the auction block.

Désirée finds herself being wooed by Philippe Jaunet, a cruel man who lusts after Chêne Vue and strikes fear in Désirée's heart. She is also being courted by the handsome and wealthy New Yorker, Lance Van Buren, but her heart belongs to another-the man who broke her heart and married someone else.

Désirée is pulled in different directions, her life complicated by circumstances, misunderstandings, lies, and betrayal-and the workings of her own turbulent heart. Will love eventually win out for this southern belle? Power, passion, and deception rule in Arlette Gaffrey's latest novel, Behind the Columns.


Book Excerpt

New Orleans -1846

Desiree Bordeaux and her best friend Nicole Thibodeaux sat in the Thibodeaux carriage and watched as the beautiful steamboat slid up to the wharf.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Nicole sighed. "Oh, Desiree wouldn't it be fun to sail up the Mississippi on such a beautiful boat?"

"Oui it would," Desiree said. "Grandpere has often said he would take me on such a trip. But he never has. And now I doubt he ever will."

The two young girls fell silent as they watched the gangplank being lowered, and slowly people began to disembark.

Suddenly Desiree had the strangest feeling someone was watching her. She glanced around and saw that a couple of men nearby were talking, but neither seemed to be paying any undue attention to her or Nicole. Still the feeling presisted.Then the sun gleaming off of a piece of metal caught her eye and Desiree looked up to the steamboat. A man was standing on the second deck. He was looking through a telescope. And he was looking straight at her! Well of all the nerve!


About the Author

Arlette Gaffrey

Arlette Marie Gaffrey, a native of New Orleans, is a French-Spanish Creole. Her family goes back many generations — to 1834 — in the Crescent City. Arlette was married to a career naval officer, and has three children and six grandchildren. She and her family live in San Diego, California. Arlette is also the author of A World of His Own: In the Land of the Creoles.

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