Bailey's Day

by Robert Haggerty


Book Details

How Much Fun Can a Dog Have

When Its Owner Goes to Work?

Meet Bailey. After her mailman owner sets off for work, Bailey's not about to stay at home. So, after a quick nap, this feisty pointer dog gets ready to hit the streets. First order of business? Meeting up with her wiener dog friend, Frankie. Together, they go on some exciting adventures-whether it's at the swimming pool, at the park, or eating tacos with Pete the taco man. But watch out! Is that Bailey's owner coming by in his mail truck? Better hide!

Packed with illustrations and adorable photographs of the real-life Bailey, Bailey's Day spurs children's imaginations with the possibilities of what really goes on in a dog's life when they're not looking. The book's vocabulary-building text makes it a must-have for parents and teachers of young readers. Also, Bailey's Day is sure to be a hit with anyone who's ever loved a dog.


About the Author

Robert Haggerty

Robert Haggerty has been a mailman for more than twenty years. This is his first children’s book. Haggerty lives in Tucson, Arizona. Visit "Bailey's Day" Website at



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