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All Beings Are Equal In Art! In the kingdom of art, there was no hereditary forever! Only struggle to enhance talent and create happiness for the world, then you can be the happiest little prince and little princess of the whole world!

Three thousand years ago, butterfly forest, side of mirror lake. A long-golden-haired boy wearing a long narcissus dress was roaming in the fairy flower sea, a exquisite lyre in his hands flowing brilliant melody. A florid butterfly gyrating and dancing with the melody. Her wings shining aquamarine blaze, gorgeous like Sea Goddess Feather. This butterfly, was the daughter of Tulip Queen Forest. But meanwhile, a lot of evil creatures are coming for this Mirror Lake Fairyland...... Demon knights. Owl wizards. Beauty succubas. Thousands of dark fire dragons and flaming ice dragons...... In another flower sea world, Oris early heard Cynthia's notoriety of night queen under the dark tulips just like Thor puncturing your mermaid heart. Obviously she isn't a smooth girl. Although Cynthia has an ice face with full blooming paradise lilies. "Ahahaha! Oris I just wonder how you stuffed your dog head in the desk? Ahahahahaha......" "I really wish I had a dog head! Then I could get my head out! I just wanted to hide in the desk pocket and eat a packet of raccoon crisps with a bottle of mango yogurt." "But you were sitting in the goddamn first row under the podium! Really the kids with intellectual disabilities are happier! Do you know, smash your dog head and the desk would be rescued! Hahahaha! Oris you big dog head!!!" Cynthia always loves crying out "Dog head" to Oris downstairs after school in koi crowd. "Dog head! Dog head! Big dog head!!!" As soon as looking up, suddenly wonder that sakura trees are already in full blooming. In the world of blooming sakura seas with gentle breeze, sapphire aquamarine sky and pure golden sunshine, there are many brilliant boys and girls just like gorgeous flowering Tulip Sakura Trees growing. But in another tragic ice world, Oris nearly died in Demon Owls Forest, died in Fire Dragons Magma, Ice Dragons Glacier, and Flying Sakura Snow Night Queen Griffins Mountain...... Suddenly! Art Fairy Florithena flying and falling, She stretched out her gorgeous hands, Oris put his cat hands in Florithena's sakura sunshine hands, then slowly rose from the snow. Blink! Sunshine of heaven hymn is shining all over the Snow Ice Demon World! All flower seas of whole world are blooming and stretching! Art Fairy holds the child's hand, together fly to the warm holy light. A new flowering world of thousands sakura mountains and tulip seas are forever gorgeously blooming!


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Oris early heard Cynthia’s notoriety of night queen under the dark tulips just like Thor punctures your ears. As if she strangled ten thousand sakura rabbits on the podium, no one in Sakura Middle School doesn’t know, and no one doesn’t fear. Obviously she isn’t a smooth girl. But Cynthia has a ice face with full blooming paradise lilies. Big enchanting eyes are like flame tulips. Tender face are like ice-lanter and jade dew in sunset glow. A hummingbird nose. A delicate small mouth that lips blooming sakura wave. And the slender figure is just like glittering crystal-clear Venus Morpho. Her appearance is so gorgeous that many boys who ate too many fluorescent squids fell in love with her at first sight and suddenly plopped themselves heavily down on the ground. Because, even the African lion that blinded by purple sun cactus, is far less violent than Cynthia. In grade 4, one day after school, stupid raccoon boy Lancelot was washing his face with sea pig dung, sweeping the floor with fluttering wastepaper all over the classroom, so monitor bear Cynthia forced him into the corner, she picked up the broom and hit the boy on the head, as soon as the boy cried, Cynthia just stuffed his little parrot mouth with a chalk duster! Another time after school, Cynthia were fighting with Lancelot as a bear and tiger, it’s said that grabbing a new textbook. "Stolen my new goddamn textbook and exchange??? Your textbook has been folded into whale shit! Why don’t you use it yourself!!! Take it away and wipe your goddamn porcupine ass!!!" Cynthia, the incarnation of bear fusing with rhinoceros, just scratched, kicked, pulled, pushed, pinched, thumped and slapped at that week deer Lancelot! Little Lancelot was no match for her, finally had to drop the new textbook, just cried and escaped as mouse hugging a cat. In primary school, girls are much more aggressive than boys. Just as the Arctic snow gazelle runs into the end of rime forest and collides head-on with a demon lion, boys in the class are very afraid of girls, girls often gang to assault the tremble boys that in the little deer and gazelles. At that time, in Cynthia’s class, there’s just one little princess rabbit girl who loved carefully playing her hair as fairy cat teases the fire-breathing fish, except her, all of girls assaulted boys! Among them, it’s Cynthia hit the most goddamn bloodily! It’s the sort of slap, fist, kick, holding a chair, and the bloody assaulting with spanking ass and butting as springbok. Cynthia really loves assaulting others! Especially loves beating her little gazelle deskmate boy Lancelot who’s frightened as a deer by stream. When asked Cynthia why, she just cried with pouring innocent flame tears from her cat eyes, "I don’t know why! I just love hitting Lancelot! Everyday I couldn’t help gonna hit him! If I don’t hit him, I just feel like my eyeballs are rolled away by rhinoceros dung beetle! I feel goddamn sick!!!" However, as long as could sit with such a girl like Cynthia who’s so beautiful and dazzling that shocks Alps into avalanche, all the boys of class are willing to be kicked around like dung balls by the Princess of Snow Thunderbird Cynthia. The autumn with red maple trees of fifth grade, one day in the morning, Cynthia is running over here with smiling as purple vine fairy and windbell fower fairy in spring pixies wind. "Lend me your math homework to copy for a aquamarine-face puffin! All right!?" Her mood is timid as a misbehaving cute kitty, timid but lovely. That pair of Venice cat eyes staring at Oris, are flowing the dazzling moon spring water shine with adoration just as butterfly adoring narcissus heart. Although got the glorious gift of Art Fairy, Oris’s math scores still doesn’t have any changes just as little bees with big buttocks and big heads flying here and there bumping buttocks and heads each other. Most of all, nature and Art Fairy will never shine the bear children with bloody tusks who loves pursuing profit, loves exam, and insanely robbing score. Great nature and Art Fairy, only favor the the narcissus cat children who love creating happiness for the world. In fact, the math homework of last night are just some calculation problems as poison dragonflies pulled off the wings, really simpler than the purple blood of dark dragonflies adding some honey, just chew up with savoring every mouthful and check the answers. But Cynthia brings her chair and sits beside Oris, so close to his arms, as close as two sun-wings of a flame-tailed oriole fairy. Then she’s writing one line by one line, one letter by one letter, one word by one word for a very very long time, even longer than the phoenix fairy hatching ten sun-eggs. As if afraid of writing too quickly so that her notebook would be torn with little fire of venomous dragon elves, and the pure blue pen would prick the butterfly pixies’ wings. Cynthia also helps Oris correct some golden squirrel little mistakes. Until more and more classmates walking in the classroom as koi, so Cynthia has to reluctantly return the exercise book to Oris, and then very slowly moving away as a clingy kitty. But suddenly! Cynthia comes back and takes her pure blue pen with aquamarine crown that she deliberately left on Oris’s desk, then she smiles at Oris just like a charming fairy cat. Finally, Cynthia is walking away with jumping steps and soft claws......


About the Author

Floras Athena

This book named Art Fairy, is about music, art, family, school, education, and school violence. It fused with the partial experience of Mozart, Beethoven, Joe Hisaishi, Da Vinci and my own practice and discipline on the road of music and art. The story is about a young boy who loved music and art then created happiness for the world. The content of this book has two different part, one is “The old miserable world”, in this world everything is miserable, and one is “The new gorgeous world given by great nature and Art Fairy”, in this world everything is beautiful and happy. At the very beginning, the boy went through all kinds of oppressive tribulations in his cruel family and school, then frozen to death like the little match girl, and saved by Art Fairy, and then, he had had a happy family, realized his art dream, the teachers, schools, and the whole world had become more and more bright and beautiful. Finally, the boy and a deaf-mute girl who loved playing the violin and saved by the boy did their best to create happiness for the world. This book also incorporates a lot of real events in reality, and strives to be close to reality and seek truth from facts. But the language of this book is fantastic and funny. This book is full of funny stories, fantastic stories, sad stories, heartbreaking stories, touching stories, and a bright happy ending. And there is a beautiful myth in the middle and end. Tolstoy said, “A good literary work should show the right direction for the world.” The second half of this book is the essence of my 15 years of exploration and the right direction of the world I think. Direction of personal development, family, school, education, solutions to school violence, and the right direction of world. The first thought in this book is about education, in one nutshell, “The reason why no great is born, it is we neglect the process of forming the great soul.” The second thought in this book, is “The value of man lies in his devotion, and only by dedicating for the world can he receive the world's reward, but only greater ability can make the greater contribution.” The extension and development in culture and art of this theory. There are many theories about art, talent, culture and education. Part of the plot is based on the real experience of Mozart, Beethoven, Da Vinci and Joe Hisaish, a little like Romain Rolland’s Jean-Christophe, but also very different. Most of the plot about music and piano is based on my own experience of practicing and being a piano teacher. I used to teach three 5-year-old little girls to play the piano, and I’m going to study composition and play the piano in New York. An ancient Roman scholar made such a request to literary and art workers, "Think of bee as model, very widely reading, practice our own inventive mind, melt all the flowers into our own nectar. All has the origin, but all has new hue." This sentence can fully explain the language of my book, which is the hardest work. Because I often read a lot of books and imagined for a long time just for creating a new, beautiful and fantastic fairy world in a few words. Fortunately, everyone who had seen this book all praised it, so I believe more and more readers would enjoy the reading with this book. By the way, if you like the movies X-Men and Spider-Man, you will like my book, they have some common grounds. And this book, is for the whole world, for everyone who is suffering. The paintings in following book video are painted by myself, I wish you like them.



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