A Strategic Painter

Mastermind Your Craft

by Roopa Dudley


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A Strategic Method To The Madness

A step by step approach on "How to be a successful Artist/Painter". I wrote the book "A STRATEGIC PAINTER" because when I was looking for a similar book years ago to start out my career as a Professional Painter, I could not find one. So for the past fifteen years I went through a journey and learnt the "tricks of the trade" through trial and error with research and analysis. I read a lot of books that danced around the subject of Art but were mainly catered towards the business aspect of being an Artist. I figured that perhaps there are more people like me out there and if I can help them out and save them a few years, then that is a good thing. I am tired of hearing the phrase the "Starving Artist" and I sincerely believe on the contrary that the Painters have a lot to offer to the "Starving World" that is devoid of fresh ideas and innovative concepts. I want the aspiring Painters out there to reach their “Self-Actualization” (being a dynamic and prolific painter that they are born to be) in the shortest amount of time possible. It is my sincere desire that they get busy by having a more focused approach (using this book as a road map) when it comes to starting their careers as A Strategic Painter.


About the Author

Roopa Dudley

Roopa Dudley is a Pakistani born American Painter who has been painting since she was 3.5 years old. She resides in Severn, MD with her husband, two daughters and two step-sons. Her work has been exhibited in several art galleries throughout the country and her paintings have been published in local newspapers, Stone Highway Review (a literary journal) and Studio Visit Magazine. She is an active member of Maryland Federation Of Arts.