A Rehearsed Prodigy

by Debra Anthony


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A spiritual journey with God through the rehearsals of life’s lessons to the main stage of a fulfilled life.

The synopsis of this book is a revelation to encourage individuals about “crumbs“ little, ineffective and insignificant futile gains in your life, and the “Loaves” -a fulfilling, positive, well developed, dependable aspect and way of life to operate in great expectancy regarding your life. Lessons are simply rehearsals of becoming a master scholar of any change in your life, you can get another rehearsal for a lesson, but there are no rehearsals for another life. Eventually through all of the ordinary experiences we encounter we become an extraordinary blessing during our own lessons to someone or something else. This book will help you with your questions about yourself, your growth in life, your relationship with Christ, and help you strengthen your relationship and communion with others just like you, and people of all ages. This book has been orchestrated to help you understand how your actions and responses affect your life when it seems like chaos is all around you and you feel no one can relate. You will be able to avoid inane relationships prune, pick and nourish a new found positive affinity for others, and achieve a better perspective and outlook on your life with knowing some of the answers you that seek.


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About the Author

Debra Anthony

Debra Anthony is an author, encourager,and counselor endowed with taking on the challenges of life. She is an Alumnus of Faulkner University. She has been married for 23 years. She has an exceptional gift to uplift and touch hearts affected by the changes of life that we all experience.