Lessons Dad Lived

by Mike Chiarelli


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There were decisions I made that would have been different had my father been around. I had questions that I needed answers to, but no one to ask. This book was written so that you would have answers and stories without having to ask the questions. Essentially, this is a game plan, or at least a play book, assembled to inform and help you to decipher the important life situations I once needed, and now have the answers to. Intertwined within are the positive experiences of life as well, which will allow you to live a great life. From business and finances to relationships and living well, there are lessons for everyone. Your quality of life after 50 depends on you owning where you live. Everything is a business deal or transaction at its core. Take a vacation every year. Pay attention to what's going on with your family.


About the Author

Mike Chiarelli

About the Author: Upon graduating from Bentley College, Mike Chiarelli worked for IBM, Digital Equipment Corp, and Raytheon Company. He owned and managed many businesses in the area of vacation properties, land development, and real estate sales, and he coached youth sports for over forty years. Mike was born and raised in the Boston area and moved to Seattle in his late thirties. He is married and has two sons.