by Jessica and Ernest McFall


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Jordan’s Shoes Are Missing!

Jordan’s Shoes Are Missing!

Can you help him find them? Join Jordan and his playful puppy Handsome on their adventure to piece together the mystery. Will they find his shoes, or will Jordan discover something even more important?

Is it "UnSelfish LOVE?"


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Please help Jordan find his shoes.

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Ernest's solo effort, “I CAN STILL HEAR THEIR CRIES, EVEN IN MY SLEEP”, a powerful revealing journey into combat PTSD, also published By Outskirts Press, Inc. and available online at:

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Jessica and Ernest McFall

Jessica and Ernest both share a strong belief in God , a love for children, and a passion for writing. They are DONATING 50% of ALL SALES to a Chirstain Youth Ministry.

“Unselfish Love”, their first collaborative work, is a Children’s book written in poetic verse, with a strong spiritual message, for all ages.

Check out this blog at--http://eeverettmcfall.blogspot.com ---

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