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The Dog Redeemers
The Dog Redeemers becomes a single reference point and guide for dog owners, pet sitters, dog trainers, and canine rescue organizations seeking to rehabilitate unwanted problem canines through behavior modification and positive reinforcement.

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In today’s canine training pop culture market instant results can be had by mimicking techniques from popular television shows, instructional DVDs, or best selling books on the subject. In reality rather than a sprint canine behavior modification can sometimes become a marathon taking considerable time. The question becomes. “Which programs and philosophies work?”
The Dog Redeemers provides a consistent and easy to follow method of dog behavior modification for problem canines with accompanying case studies sighting real world success stories. The book outlines which philosophies work under which circumstances and what criteria to use when hiring a professional trainer or behaviorist. The heart-warming stories detailed in the book provide hope and encouragement for the frustrated dog owner and canine rescue organization volunteer while dispelling most of the common myths and misconceptions put forth by today’s canine training pop culture.
The importance and method for establishing Alpha in the home are covered in 10 distinct steps with a chapter devoted to each topic with common concerns such as aggression, separation anxiety, housebreaking, excessive barking, walking on lead, and basic obedience comprehensively addressed.

About John Kalevi Sievilä

John Kalevi Sievilä
President and Founder of Arizona Partnership K-9, distinguished as industry expert by peers having worked over ten years with professional pet sitters, professional trainers, veterinarians and canine rescue group organizations in the successful rehabilitation of hundreds of problem canines.