The Secret Truth of Jesus

Holy Grail:"The Hidden Cup of Eternal Life"



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The Secret Truth of Jesus deciphers Leonardo da Vinci's Code.

It has long been an intriguing belief that there is certain hidden truth about Jesus. Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper is thought to be encoded with some of the secret. This and other mythical rumors have pointed to Holy Grail, the legendary "Cup of Eternal Life" hidden by Saint John. This book The Secret Truth of Jesus reveals the hidden truth of Jesus' teachings, and thereby can fully decode the Da Vinci's piece of art. The Da Vinci Code indirectly shows Jesus' secret doctrine of eternal life. By nature and by intention, the truth of Jesus' teachings must be kept hidden, so that only "the true seekers" could be found and "the Secret Goddess" could be maintained. Jesus has shown God the Father in his teachings of God. The Father (Originator) Creator is Dualistic Parent. "He" is dynamic and also static. His Static Counterpart is the so-called "Secret Goddess". God possess Dynamic Power and Static Virtue. Thomas Gnostic Gospel clearly indicates this fundamental. The Savior Jesus has taught six Positive Commandments in Chapter 5 and six Negative Commandments in Chapter 6 of Matthew Gospel. These twelve Commandments of God help "the true seekers" (the elect) to build "the Tree of Life" (the Holy Spirit) in them, making them become the true children of God. The Secret Truth of Jesus is the book of ultimate discovery led by the Holy Spirit of Jesus.

About the Author


Thông Q Trinh is the author of The Secret Truth of Jesus. He was born in Central Vietnam, and raised in the South by Confucian parents. The author came to America in 1975 with family and relatives. He attended University of Missouri, School of Pharmacy and graduated in 1982. The author encountered the Savior Jesus in a dream in 1992. He became Jesus' firm believer in 1997, and began his translations of the four gospels. In 2001, after "911", the author interpreted the Revelation and conceived writing The Secret Truth of Jesus. It was in the year 2006 that he discovered "the hidden Holy Grail" and has developed it since.