Mrs. Cratchit's Christmas

Isn't it time you heard Mrs. Cratchit's side of the story?

by Marilyn K. Clark


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Get to Know Bob Cratichit's Wife!
You've read the beloved story by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, that tells how an encounter with three Christmas Spirits turns Ebenezer Scrooge from a miserly cynic into a kind philanthropist. Now read what happens to change Mrs. Bob Cratchit's feelings toward her husband's employer from anger and resentment to gratitude and love!

Book Excerpt

"The children watched excitedly for a nod from their mother, and when it came, they ran toward the little fireplace mantle where hung five oft-darned stockings that were now laden with all-manner of delightful contents. Each child began digging into his own stocking with grave concentration, and each one shouted out excitedly as the treasures that were found therein were discovered."

About the Author

Marilyn K. Clark

Marilyn K. Clark teaches English at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She and her husband, Tom, have two adult children and two precious grandsons.