To The Core

Granola Crumble

by Laurie Donohue


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Hey there! I bet you often wonder how to keep yourself healthy—I know I do! When we are healthy, we are happy, so here are some little tidbits on how to keep yourself feeling good inside and out—plus there’s a recipe in this book for my delicious granola! I know that all this health stuff can be a little confusing, but maybe a kid like me can offer a kid like you the reasons why a healthy lifestyle is so important. Hope you learn lots!

About the Author

Laurie Donohue

Laurie Donohue is 17 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California. She loves developing new ways to inspire kids with nutrition because she herself is very interested in a healthy lifestyle. The name of her granola, “to the Core,” comes from a couple of main concepts: The “core” represents an overall healthy snack that is fully satisfying in both taste and nutrition, and “core” is the nickname her five-year-old brother calls her since he could not say “Laur” when he was younger. Any way you put it, she gets to the core of what health truly is: happiness for your body.