No Crying for Elena

A Woman Raised in a Cult and Her Daughter Finally Find Salvation in Each Other

by N. Meridian


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When everything you’ve known to be true turns out to be a lie, how do you reconcile this fact and move forward with such dangerous knowledge?
Hiding under the bed at age ten as the SWAT team raided the cult I called home, I was suddenly born; shocked into a new reality, a world of violence. Until I was ten, I’d thought that my alias was my own name; that the things I’d known since I was five years old were irrevocably true. Once, I lived in a society where everyone had an alias. I had another identity. I had another life. From my youth, I knew myself as Leah Israel, a name given me in the cult called The Nation of Yahweh. Surprisingly, those who left The Nation were said to be dead. It would be years later before I knew how true that actually was…

About the Author

N. Meridian

So begins the provocative yet unforgettable true story of writer N. Meridian. In a thought-provoking narrative she chronicles her childhood in a cult, the true grit she earned on the unrelenting streets of Philadelphia where bloodshed and sexuality often mingled. Soon, she learns to accept yet deny her past, moving her through the beautiful lies that give her the strength to claim a life she never dreamed possible…