Blind Trust

About Frank P. Stiles

Frank P. Stiles
FRANK STILES grew up in Toledo, Ohio. The youngest of nine children, he learned valuable lessons from the older children during his adolescent years. In high school he participated in many sports including football, basketball, and track, and was the city of Toledo's light-heavyweight Golden Gloves champion.

Drafted by the U.S. Army on October 2, 1961, he completed a two-year tour of duty in France.

He joined the Toledo Police Division on April 2, 1965. After two years as a street cop, he was promoted to Detective. Over the next 23 years he worked as an investigator throughout the Detective Bureau. After being promoted to sergeant, he supervised most sections of the bureau and investigated many of the division's high-profile crimes. He taught at the Toledo Police Academy and lectured at the local universities.

A highly decorated police officer with many policeman-of-the-year awards, the author believes everyone has the right to live in a society free from fear and intrusion, and he has dedicated his career toward that goal.

He retired after 25 years with the police division. In January, 1999, he was hired by Lucas County Prosecuting Attorney Julia R. Bates as the office's Chief Investigator, and he remains there today.

Blind Trust is Frank Stiles’ second true-crime book. Evil Brothers, released in 2008, told the story of two brothers who committed rape and nine murders of young people sitting in their cars or walking alone at night. Stiles was the investigator who tracked down the serial killers and put them in prison.