Future Century Fiasco

27th Century Fiasco
On a chilly, moonless and sinister night, the Personal Assistant to the webmaster of the American Biometrics and DNA genome databank is murdered and the security of the database breached by cyber-criminals. Later, a woman in the throes of labor is abducted in Sacramento together with her newly born child. Her husband, a leading Professor of Egyptology left in a comatose condition. The motive of the hackers and attackers initially seemed unclear, until the abducted woman was found to be the bloodline of Franco-American longevity icons Jeanne Calment-Mary Christian ancestry. Then the world of human organ transplantation goes askew in a burst of international espionage, adventure and intrigue.

'The inheritance of a corrupted DNA genome is the worst legacy that mankind should bequeath to future generations.'

About Akintunde M. Lawal

Akintunde M. Lawal
A. M. Lawal is a pharmacist with decades of experience in the various fields of pharmacy practice. He is married with children.