Biblical Narratives on the Journey of Healing

Finding God in the Dark
Most everyone goes through periods of darkness in his or her life—what Pastor Conroy Reynolds calls night seasons. Whether it’s a divorce, job loss or loved one’s death, these episodes can make us feel isolated, bitter, and out of touch with our Christian faith—even angry with God. But for Reynolds, such experiences are a crucial part of our spiritual journey. Finding God in the Dark shows us how biblical figures such as Job, Samson, Mary, and even Jesus himself also underwent periods of deep emotional anguish and pain. With a strong basis in scripture, Finding God in the Dark examines what we can learn from these and other biblical figures’ struggles in order to gain fresh insights and inspiration for living and emerging successfully from the dark. Packed with insightful biblical analysis, encouraging prayer and useful worksheets, this unique book helps to work through ongoing and repressed pain so you can emerge stronger spiritually. If you battle with loss, failure, bitterness, anger, guilt or shame, you will find this book’s message a valuable step on the road to a hopeful tomorrow.

About Conroy Reynolds

Conroy Reynolds
Conroy Reynolds PhD is a counselor and chaplain an university professor whose personal night season followed a painful divorce. The experience stimulated a quest to examine the lives of biblical figures and their experience with spiritual pain; it’s that quest that led to Finding God in the Dark.

“Remarkably clear and well articulated Chaplain Reynolds has captured our spiritual journey in the dark episodes he so aptly calls ‘night seasons.’ Extrapolating from the lives of biblical characters, he shares his own personal struggle. A powerful read.”

—Clyde P. Cassimy, D. Min Chaplain, Assistant Professor

Loma Linda University School of Religion

“A work of deep insight, well written and profoundly moving. Every person interested in their spiritual healing and growth would benefit from reading this book!”

—Colwick Wilson, PhD Professor, Loma Linda University

“It is clear to me the exercise of writing this book has deepened the authors’ own sense of self awareness, emotional intelligence and spiritual faith. I am convinced readers will likewise experience and enjoy similar blessings.”

—Raymond Edwards PhD Author, Organizational Psychologist

“Pastor Reynolds takes us on a life changing journey of self reflection and discovery should we choose to take it. He provides us with examples from his own personal pain as well as making the lives of those in the Bible come alive. Most importantly he reminds us our hope is in God who never leaves us even in our darkest moments”.

—Jill Pollock, RN, MS Administrator, Loma Linda Behavioral Medicine Center