The Adventures of Henrietta Ham: Gone Fishing

by Donna Raheb


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It's A Fish, It's A Frog, It's Big Bass! Or, Is It The Giant Carp?
Henrietta Ham and her friend Tanya are back for another adventure in the backyard pond. This time, they go fishing with the boys. Do they catch Big Bass? Or, does something catch them? What could be lurking in the depths of the pond's murky water? Find out in the girls' second, exhilarating adventure from the author of The Adventures of Henrietta Ham: Meet Henrietta.

Review from The Adventures of Henrietta Ham: Meet Henrietta

"What a unique character Henrietta Ham is! The story offers good, clean fun, and it is informative, too. This book will give [children] a head start with vocabulary and [will] get them thinking about how fun it is to be outdoors discovering wildlife. It also [explores] the subject of safety in their outdoor environment... So enjoyable and fun!" - review

Book Excerpt

“I want to try a rubber worm this time,” said Henrietta.

Henrietta and Brandon cast their reels from the big rock.

Immediately, Henrietta had a bite . . . a big bite . . . a really big bite. “Brandon!” Henrietta called as she struggled to set the hook.

Brandon quickly reeled in his line and ran to Henrietta. “Come on,” Brandon said in disbelief. “You must be snagged on a boulder.”

“I don’t think so,” said Henrietta, her feet sliding toward the edge of the rock. “It’s moving!”

“Uh-ohhh,” said Brandon.

“Uh-ohhh!” shrieked Henrietta. She hung on with all her might as she tried to reel in whatever was at the end of her line. Slowly, but surely, she was being pulled closer and closer to the edge of the rock...

About the Author

Donna Raheb

Donna Raheb was born and raised in rural northeastern Connecticut and worked in the television and computer fields after college. A cancer diagnosis prompted her to follow her heart with her desire to write. Her first children's book, The Adventures of Henrietta Ham: Meet Henrietta, won the hearts of children and adults alike. Feeling an obligation to stress the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, Donna created the Treasure Your Youth® slogan with her Henrietta Ham cartoon character in an effort to inspire children to play outdoors. An outdoor adventure enthusiast herself, Donna enjoys a multitude of activities, from hiking and cycling to canoeing and gardening, and almost anything that involves exploration in nature.

The author is pleased to present The Adventures of Henrietta Ham: Gone Fishing, the second book in her Henrietta Ham adventure series, for all to enjoy.

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