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1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is home to The White House. 1600 Poetry Avenue is home to The Write House.I'm the Commander-In-Writing.The doors are open.Come on in.Each poem has something for everyone.Available at

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This is an excerpt from my book.A poem that I wrote for my mother call "A Son's Best Friend" A man's best friend is his dog. A woman's best friends are diamonds. A son's best friend is his mother. I am very proud to call my mother my best friend. She's the epicenter of my life. I love her so much. I thank her for giving me wings to fly. I thank her for giving me glasses to see. Without her,I would be nothing. She never stabs me in the back. Being there for me whenever I'm down so that I can get back up. She tries so hard to raise this prince into a king. Having her in my life is the greatest award. I'm grateful to have such a beautiful and caring mother. Every son should appreciate his mother's love. Don't ever take it for granted.

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Edwin Hurdle

Edwin Hurdle has been writing poetry ever since he was in college.In a creative writing class,the professor asked the students to write a poem about anything.That was when he discovered his true talent.He loves to meditate which inspires him to write.Edwin looks at the world as well as life in a philosophical way.It shows through his poetRY