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1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is home to The White House. 1600 Poetry Avenue is home to The Write House.I'm the Commander-In-Writing.The doors are open.Come on in.Each poem has something for everyone.Available at

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This is an excerpt from my book.A poem that I wrote for my mother call "A Son's Best Friend" A man's best friend is his dog. A woman's best friends are diamonds. A son's best friend is his mother. I am very proud to call my mother my best friend. She's the epicenter of my life. I love her so much. I thank her for giving me wings to fly. I thank her for giving me glasses to see. Without her,I would be nothing. She never stabs me in the back. Being there for me whenever I'm down so that I can get back up. She tries so hard to raise this prince into a king. Having her in my life is the greatest award. I'm grateful to have such a beautiful and caring mother. Every son should appreciate his mother's love. Don't ever take it for granted.

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Edwin Hurdle

Here are 2 reviews of the book "Poetry seems to be a lost art.I know there are lots of poets and there are still a few people that read poetry,but in today's rapid tech oriented world,poetry is becoming a thing of the past.Well it shouldn't and The Write House by Edwin Hurdle showcases why.This little paperback book is filled with moving poems about the human condition."A Son's Best Friend","I Used To Love You" and "Being An Individual" are a few of the poems that caught me and make me think Who Am I?What I am doing?Can I be more human,more caring and more open to the world around me?The Write House demonstrates why poetry is even more powerful today than ever before.Books like The Write House are what we need in our current age.I'm glad I found Edwin Hurdle's book,it has given me a few small chances to breath and be human again.As Edwin notes "The doors of my house are ready to be open.........". I'm glad I found Edwin's house,it has helped remind me about who I am and what I'm doing.Long live poetry". Reviewed by Peter N.Jones Director and Editor of Bauu Institute and Press,Publisher of New Great Books "It is an excellent book of poetry that is complied by Edwin and focuses on various topics that anyone can relate to.It was a very easy to read.My favorite poems were "Ingredients For Romance(which demonstrates a poem fill with romance,imagery and format for showing unconditional love and/or appreciation towards a significant other.This poem is a vow that should not be broken in relationships)."A Special Lady (is a remarkable poem that speaks for itself,any man can relate to this poem).I only wish that he wrote more poetry in his first debut poetry collection entitled "The Write House",but all in all,a job well done.Congratulations!.I look forward to reading your next book." Reviewed by Afrika Asha Midnight Abney from the Midwest Book Review