The Adventures of Henrietta Ham: Meet Henrietta
Henrietta and Tanya fall into the chute at the canned ham factory while taking a tour with their parents, and - oh, no! - they get pressed into hams! Fortunately for the two friends, Momma and Poppa just happen to make a life-saving purchase in the canned ham factory store at the end of the tour. Unbeknownst to them, Momma and Poppa bring the two little girls home with them all sealed up in their cans, along with other treasures from the factory store. Now what will happen to Henrietta and Tanya? Will they be trapped in the cans of ham until they are opened to be eaten for dinner? Or, will they be able to escape with their lives to enjoy the priceless days of their childhood? And will they still be the same little girls they once were? Join Henrietta Ham and her friend Tanya in their exciting, heart-warming and educational outdoor adventures!

..... Suddenly, one of the hams begins to jiggle and jumps to her feet. She calls out, "Henrietta!" as she nudges the other ham.
Wiggling to get free, Henrietta exclaims, "Tanya, look at all the fruits stuck to you!"
Tanya plucks off a cherry and pops it into her mouth. "Mmm, tasty." Then Tanya says, "You look like one of those hams that comes in a can! We don't look human anymore!"
Momma Terri, hearing the commotion, starts after the jiggling and wiggling hams in the pan.
"Run!" cries Henrietta.
"Before we get cooked for dinner!" shouts Tanya...........

About Donna Raheb

Donna Raheb
Donna Raheb was born and raised in rural northeastern Connecticut. An outdoor enthusiast, Ms. Raheb worked in the television and computer industries after college while operating her company, D Rae Sound & Video. A cancer diagnosis prompted her desire to write and to follow her heart. Now a breast cancer survivor and creator of the Treasure Your Youth® apparel, the author is pleased to announce the "birth" of Henrietta Ham for all children to enjoy.

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