Believing in yourself, trusting in yourself, and loving yourself makes you a better self to everyone else

Sunshine After The Rain
Two years later, Felicia Brown Jones went from having no children that lived with her to having four children that lived with her. Two girls, Candace and Shannon, now age twelve and fourteen and twin boys Brycen and Bryden age two. Candace is the child that Felicia abandoned twelve years prior because of her autism. Brycen and Bryden are twins that Felicia has by her current husband, Daniel Jones.Felicia adopted Shannon because she was neglected by her biological mother, Tabby. Felicia had stayed away from her family for three years, because she felt that none of her sisters and brother supported her during the time she was taking care of their dying mother. After Felicia forgave her family, she finds herself caught up in a family web full of lies and deceit. Felicia’s baby sister, Angela betrays Felicia in the worst way. Felicia’s other two sisters, Pam and Cee-Cee are very cold and distant, not caring what their other siblings may be going through. They have always claimed to be perfect and only think about themselves. Chris Brown, Felicia’s only brother shares a secret with Felicia that totally blows her away. He also betrays Felicia as well. Felicia can’t take anymore; she disconnects herself from her family again. This time she doesn’t know if things can ever be the same between her and her family, so she decides to take her children and leave Oklahoma maybe forever.

About Stormi Bradley

Stormi Bradley
My name is Ethel Reagan Bradley, but everyone refers to me as “Stormi”. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have written all of my life and decided to follow my dream of becoming a published author. This novel is the sequel to my first novel entitled Rain, Rain, Go Away. God has blessed me in so many ways and I just want to give Him all the Glory! He is the reason for my season.