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The Caffeinated Sequel to the Coffee in My Cup, Cappuccino Nights Will Have You Ordering Another Cup. After six months in jail, Franklin has finally found his freedom—thanks to the courage of FBI agent Sherri Clark. But he’s about to learn that not everything is as it seems on the outside—and that things have changed since he was wrongly accused of murder. Now, he’s made it his mission to win Tasha back after their separation, but his woman has decided to take a slower approach. Meanwhile, Franklin’s daughter Nicole is happier than ever with her Daddy back. Yet even here secrets lie beneath. Her mom Monique is hiding a life-altering secret that could change everything about their past. Then, a chance phone call reveals a despicable plot to take advantage of the most innocent among them, thrusting all of them into yet another high-stakes adventure. Cappuccino Nights continues the high-energy, twist-and-turn saga of this most memorable cast of characters. Follow Sherri as she tries to patch things up with her longtime boyfriend, Alonzo; discover the incredible fate awaiting the corrupt Detective Mooney; tag along on the cat-and-mouse chase of a high-tech pervert; and experience the excitement and disappointment of the newly freed Franklin. The thrilling and sexy sequel to Coffee in My Cup, Cappuccino Nights is what you’d expect from Ella Monet—the master of romantic adventure.

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