Vote the Bastards Out!<br>Democrats, Republicans, Incumbents
Twenty percent of the American population controls eighty percent of the nation’s money. The other eighty percent of the population – that’s us, the average citizens – only control twenty percent of the money.

Why is that?

Spencer Gantt, an average citizen himself, has written Vote the Bastards Out! for other average citizens. Not for the PRC’s, Gantt’s own acronym for Professional Politicians, the ultra Rich, and the Celebrities who, after achieving their wealth and fame, feel they have become experts on all things political and social. PRC is, of course, pronounced “prick,” as in “prick your finger.”

Gantt’s often humorous, but always earnest book promotes a second American Revolution, held not on the battlefield, but at the ballot box. By continuing to vote for Democrats, Republicans and incumbents, we average citizens guarantee there will be no change to those vested interests and no return to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

His solution is a simple one and one that follows the bidding of our own Declaration of Independence when it calls for us -- the average citizens – to alter or abolish our government when it no longer derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.

So vote the bastards, the PRC’s out. Vote other average citizens, your sane friends, in.

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About Spencer Gantt

Gordon Spencer Gantt is a proud member of what he calls the Prole Nation. As an average citizen, he is well qualified to note the corruption at all levels of government and to offer solutions that the average citizen, the common man, can implement. Gantt wants all government to be truly OF, BY and FOR the people. He wants THE PEOPLE to rise up and to vote THE BASTARDS out!