Beginnings - Book One

The Gems of EL
Join a tale over one thousand years in the making.

It starts with the actions of one simple man, Tark the Trident, but soon grows to encompass entire countries. Whether he likes it or not, Tark is destined to become a champion of salvation and fight against his enslavers. With the aid of an unsuspecting group of allies, he stumbles from the role of fleeing slave to messenger of royalty. Twists of fate often give birth to heroes, especially the unlikely or unwilling ones.

There are legends of the Dark Lord of Drackmoore that have spread across the civilized lands of Pangias for centuries. To most, that is all that they are - legends. The few that know the true man behind the legend, know that he is much worse than tales dare to tell. Kandair is the center of growth on Pangias, the largest continent on EL, and her people are about to get a rude awakening. The time has come for legend to become reality. Will those unfortunate souls caught in the path of the Dark Lord survive? Will Tark and his friends be strong enough to oppose the mad wizard's designs for domination?

About Bill Mays

Bill Mays
Bill Mays lives in Denver Colorado with his partner and three cats and has long been involved in the arts with a BA in studio art and many years spent involved with design, the theater and film productions both in performances and behind the scenes. His writing began with filmwork and progressed from there. This just felt like the next step and fantasy adventure is something he has always wanted to delve into. The Gems of EL is a story that's been bouncing around on paper and in ideas for years and now it has finally come to life. It's a dream come true!